The Stay Safe,
Be Vigilant
Safety Program
is designed to educate
and empower you
with skills to
keep you safe.


Women's Safety  


Imagine a world where you feel safe, secure and confident in any situation.


"We can't eliminate predatory behavior but we can greatly reduce their opportunities." ~Barb Jordan~

Getting to Know Barb

From World Class Athlete to Personal Safety Expert

Always Bev was created in honor of my sister Beverly, who was tragically killed with gun violence, by her fiancé. Always Bev's commitment and passion is to educate about predatory behavior and prevent violent attacks on innocent people.   The Stay Safe, Be Vigilant Safety workshop has been called "life changing," and has been welcomed across the country in universities, businesses and communities.



I highly recommend the “Always Bev” program to everyone, no matter their age or position in life. The skills learned in the program can literally mean the difference between life and death.

-Gary Jenkins
Chief of Police/Washington State University

“Barb engages her audience with unique, inspiring, and effective instructional techniques. Barb brought a renewed energy and empowerment to our HBA members about the importance of staying safe and preventing crime. 

- Kelvey Benward
Division Sales Manager/Managing Broker

The work we did with Barb and BEV impacted our team in a huge way. Knowing our women learned some major life skills toward being vigilant, and ultimately now being aware of the hazards that exist in our daily lives, gives us both peace of mind and confidence. These skills will last a lifetime.

- Heather Tarr
Head Softball Coach 
University of Washington



Get Empowered with Knowledge and Life Skills
to Stay Safe.

Women's Safety 

Gain knowledge with safety tactics for your daily routines at home, work, fitness, and social events. Education includes awareness, identifying vulnerable environments, how to respond from a threat with a weapon, relationship red flags, the importance of your intuition and actions to take if followed or approached.


Realtor Safety

For agents, builders and brokers at the office and in the field. Enhance your awareness and gain key skills to identify predatory behavior. Gain knowledge with over 20 lessons on safety tactics you can implement into all of your work routines.  


"The Charmer"

Identifying Manipulation

This segment highlights a true story from the book The Gift of Fear, by Gavin de Becker. Get empowered with how to identify charm and  manipulation. Learn how intuition can keep us safe when we listen to it,  and how quickly danger can enter into our lives when we don't. Test your knowledge on awareness and your ability to identify tactics that can lead to violence.



Safety on College Campus

Gain knowledge on predatory behavior and the different tactics used to get you alone. Education focuses on  awareness and safety skills for daily routines, how to react from a threat with a weapon, social events, relationship red flags, intimate partner violence, alcohol and violence, trusting your intuition and more!



Share Your Safety Story With Barb

By sharing your anonymous story you will impact Barb's research and knowledge. Help create more awareness and prevent violence for others.   

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